M e m o r i u m

 The dedicated Americans who
truly SAVED the Second Amendment….

Justice Antonin Scalia

Author of that . . . MAGNIFICANT . . . Scalia Decision. . .
that the Second Amendment is a Constitutional, Enumerated, Individual Right.

He began his decision with . . .
”We are not here today to erase the Second Amendment from
the Constitution of the United States of America.”

LISTEN . . . . .

Otis McDonald,
1933 - 2014
with atty. Alan Gura behind him, right side, filed their case, McDonald vs. Chicago,
10 min. after that Magnificant Scalia Decision on Heller-1 was read.

In 2010 the decision was that Chicago’s handgun ban violated the Second Amendment,
and that the Right to “keep and bear arms” was the incorporated to all the states via the
14th Amendment. Mr. McDonald became the front man for the Second Amendment
Foundation that backed him through the two year fight for our Rights.

He was a kind and gentle Christian man who told me he was amazed
at the reception he was getting from “white folks around the country.”
We joked about how he was a recognized name in the gun community
but nobody knew who he was at the store down the street.

Dane vonBreichenruchardt,

architect of the Heller-I case…
” The D.C. Circuit Court is the only place we can have an impactive result. ”

DEDICATED: With LAW & FIREARMS his passion (he was an Olympic Shooter),
at the age of 50 went to Georgetown School of Law with no intention of
taking The Bar, but merely to learn the law to design the strategy to
overcome the gun bans.