DICK Heller


The most natural reading of
’Keep Arms’ in the Second Amendment is to have weapons.
— Justice Scalia

Dick is a nationally known 2nd Amendment advocate and a proud citizen of the United States of America. Heller’s most recent gun case is entitled Heller II v. DC, a follow-up to the victorious Heller v. DC case of 2008 that overturned the 1976 DC Gun Ban and opened the door for 150 new gun cases nationwide in the first year after the Supreme Court decision.

Heller became interested in 2nd Amendment Liberties when his house was shot up – once through his living room window and once in the front door – in the 1970’s at his residence on Capitol Hill.  He realized that the 1976 DC Gun Ban was disarming good citizens yet criminals were still bearing arms. Heller did not find the situation to be moral, safe, or constitutional and realized that  – –

“Doing nothing was no longer an option !”

Heller advocated for gun-rights as a citizen and as DC Armed Special Police Officer.  Ironically,  when Heller v. DC was filed – formerly known as Parker vs. DC – he was working at the Supreme Court Annex – Thurgood Marshall Federal Judicial Center.

In addition to his commitment to 2nd Amendment Freedoms, Heller is actively involved in the DC Community. In 1984, he founded the “Children’s Birthright Trust Fund” – a charity that supports and raises funds for youth projects, such as computer access – and has taught classes on entrepreneurship in both DC public schools and DC housing projects. He has also served as the Treasurer of The DC Libertarian Party from 2004 until 2011 and was actively involved with Dr. Ron Paul’s two Presidential Bids – Libertarian and Republican.

Before his time as a 2nd Amendment proponent, he worked his way through Montgomery College in Silver Spring, MD (earning an AA in Engineering) and completed one year of MBA studies in London’s Kingston Polytech. His previous jobs consisted of: Bank Teller, Data Technician at NASA-Greenbelt, IT Consultant for TYMnet, and Investment Banker.

Prior to attending Montgomery College, Heller served in the Army. He was a Paratrooper in the 101st Airborne division and also a Sky Diver at Fort Campbell, KY. Heller’s childhood, growing up in a Navy and then an Army family, consisted of frequent travels across the U.S. and abroad prior to his graduation from Manteca High School in Manteca, California. Heller has four brothers and was born in San Diego, CA