Heller 3


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Socialist cities are Relentless in Eradicating our Constitutional Freedoms.

A person from Arizona, a Constitutional Carry State, said to me,
”WHY would there be any paperwork to carry my Gun.”

In a truly FREE and Loved country, why would there be any need for any govt. piece of paper to own or carry your Gun ?

                         W O N

1.  Still Register  but  NO Criminal Penalties or Confiscation  for  Late Failure to register (Heller 3)

2.  3 year RE-Registration Requirement - Struck Down (Heller 3)

3.  6-year  FBI RE-Fingerprint  & RE-Background Check Over-ruled (Heller 3)

9.  ONE Hand Gun per Month Limit, Struck Down  (Heller 3)

+    Transport Firearm to Police Station - Struck down (Heller 3)

+    Test on D.C. gun laws ~ Struck Down (Heller 3)

+    Fees -- Hundreds of Dollars replaced with  $48=Register/F’print Actual Cost (Heller 3)


                     L O S T

+    Registration of All Long-guns (Heller 3)

6.  Mag Limitation to 10 rounds – All Firearms  (Heller 3)

1.  Carry Ownership PAPERS at all times with the firearm, “ Comrade.” (Heller 3)

4.  Fees – Whimsical & Intimidating ($48… down from Hundreds of Dollars) Not UN-Constititional   (Heller 3)

+    Appear in Person to Register  (Heller 3)

16.  Running dialogue with Police Chief of  any Changing Uses  (Biz, Home, Location Change)  of the H/G (Heller 3)