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Dick Heller serves on the Board of the Second Amendment Institute, which works in praetorship with the Heller Foundation to restore our gun rights

Heller Foundation Contribution Levels

Your support will help us defend your Second Amendment freedom whenever and wherever it comes under attack.

In addition, your membership dues will help the Heller Foundation cultivate the next generation of Second Amendment activists through our educational activism…empower women with our new female empowerment program…and legally support those when the means are available. 

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Members Only Monthly E-mail Newsletter 

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Member surveys and polls



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Two Heller Foundation Hats

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Why Join the Heller Foundation

There is more to joining than just a list of members’ benefits. By joining the Heller Foundation, you're taking a serious stand and showing that you care about ensuring a secure future for the Second Amendment.  The united voice of Heller Foundation members has been successful in defending the Second Amendment from low courts to the highest in the land, the United States Supreme Court. 

The conservative media has also reported favorably on the hard work by pro-gun organizations like the NRA:

"When the Heller ruling was handed down in late June 2008, it eviscerated restrictions on free people who were being punished by prescriptive firearm laws in Washington, D.C. In so doing, it sent shock waves through the establishment media, the Democratic Party and gun control groups around the country." - NRA-ILA Statement

The Heller Foundation has also been an avenue for more than 300 subsequent Second Amendment cases which have been brought to local and district US courts. 

When you become a member of the Heller Foundation, you join your voice to a formidable group of Americans that truly care about preserving, protecting, and defending the Second Amendment.

So join the Heller Foundation today!

Your Benefits

The heller newsletter:

The newsletter is mailed free of charge to all current members. It informs them of current developments in gun legislation at the federal, state and local levels. This newsletter also accurately reports political issues that can affect our gun rights.

Member surveys and polls:

These are sent regularly to  members so we can let Congress and the President know how gun owners feel about current issues.

heller fact sheets:

These contain accurate background information on specific issues and are emailed to members whenever a crisis arises that can affect their Second Amendment rights.

heller foundation Legal Defense Program:

Resources permitting, aid is given to gun owners who are being harassed by government officials. Heller Foundation resources have enabled defense attorneys to win stunning courtroom victories.